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Faster CNC machined parts through local sourcing

We're speeding up our CNC machining services and are now offering five-day lead times. All five-day CNC parts are sourced through our network of machine shops in the US and the EU.

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Faster CNC machining

You can now get your parts produced faster through our extensive network of manufacturing partners in the US and Europe. Five-day lead times are available for 12 different CNC machining materials (and counting) and with several surface finishing options.

Save money on faster parts with our 5-day lead time discount. Enter "5DHUBS" on your quote to get a 10% discount on your rapid CNC order. Valid until the end of August.

Manufacturing closer to you

We source all five-day lead time parts from manufacturing partners (MPs) within your custom-clearance borders. Our MPs then send the parts directly to you, resulting in fewer logistics and faster delivery times.

Over the past year, we’ve been working with different manufacturers across the United States and Europe and now have a mature, reliable network with a proven track record of producing quality parts with fast lead times.  

Parts will be quality controlled by the manufacturer and all orders will meet the Hubs Standard, guaranteeing consistent quality, every time.

Lower your carbon footprint on shipping: all 5-day lead time parts are made closer to their final destination. 🌳




Part Quality

Good (Hubs Standard™)

Good (Hubs Standard™)


More narrow

Broad range

Time to parts in hand






Shipping time

Shorter (low variance)

Longer (high variance)

Environmentally friendly



Order specs

This fast turnaround is currently only available on orders that have a maximum of two line items with up to five units each, in the below materials or surface finishes.

Custom aluminum CNC part
EU materials

Five day lead times are available for the following materials in the EU:

POM (Delrin/Acetal)
US order materials

Five day lead times are available for the following materials in the US: 

bead blasting
Surface finishes

Get your five-day lead CNC parts with the following surface finishes:

  • As machined
  • Smooth machining
  • Bead blasting

How to select 5 day lead times

To select a 5 day lead time for your order, choose Rapid lead time (5 business days) from the available options. You may be prompted to click on View requirements. This means that you need to change your order specs.

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