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Surface finishes

Brushed & electropolished services

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Brushed + Electropolished (Ra0.8µm, 32µin)

Electropolishing gives parts a shinier appearance and makes them easier to clean and more resistant to corrosion. It also deburrs the surface roughness of stainless steel on a microscopic level (up to 10µm).

Requirement Specification
Surface preparation Brushed
Color Natural metal color
Part masking Indicate masking requirements in technical drawing
Cosmetic availability Cosmetic by default

Example of a brushed + electropolished part

Example of a brushed part in stainless steel
Example of a brushed part in Stainless steel

The Protolabs Network brushing + electropolishing process

Here’s how to apply brushing and electropolishing:

  • The part’s surface is cleaned and prepared by power brushing 

  • The metal part being electropolished (aka anode) is connected to the positive terminal of a direct current (DC) rectifier and submerged in a tank of an electrolyte solution. The negative terminal of the rectifier is connected to a cathode (usually stainless steel) that is also submerged in the tank

  • A current runs through the solution from the anode to the cathode, causing ions on the surface of the material to oxidize and dissolve into the solution

  • Parts are then rinsed from the electrolyte solution in a different tank

  • To finalize the finish, parts go through a final post-dip in a Nitric dip or a Citric acid, rinsed with cold water and are put to dry

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