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Hubs is becoming Protolabs Network

Early next year, Hubs will become Protolabs Network. We’ll continue to bring you broad capabilities, exceptional quality and competitive pricing, but under the new Protolabs Network brand as we strengthen our digital manufacturing options available at your fingertips.

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Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive digital manufacturing solution

Hubs has been a Protolabs company since 2021, and we’ve been working to do what no digital manufacturing model has achieved before–one supplier to bring customers a global manufacturing network combined with in-house factories for quick-turn parts. Whether you need rapid prototyping or volume pricing on full production runs, Protolabs and Protolabs Network has what you need.

Why is Hubs becoming Protolabs Network?

Ultimately, to offer you more capabilities. Protolabs acquired Hubs to bring engineers more options: global reach, diverse capabilities and unparalleled speed through a single manufacturing resource. Our new brand identity as Protolabs Network reflects our future as a collaborative operation with a streamlined experience.

New look, same platform

What is changing?
  • Hubs’ name becomes “Protolabs Network”

  • New logo and colors on our website, boxes and other resources

What’s not changing?
  • Log in details

  • Order flows, bank account details and VAT numbers

  • Quality control and assurance

Launching January 2024

The Hubs website will have a new look and feel as Protolabs Network, but your customer account and order details will remain in the same system. There will be no disruption to your orders, and lead times will be upheld as usual. We will continue to offer an enormous breadth of capabilities from trusted manufacturers, and we’ll provide personalized service as we always have.

What will this mean for me?

If you’re a Hubs customer, in many ways, it’s business as usual. More closely aligning Protolabs and its network comes with many benefits for you. We envision a reinvented approach to manufacturing that brings you expanded options throughout your product life cycle. In leveraging Protolabs in tandem with Hubs’ vast capabilities, what we can produce for you is virtually limitless, and innovation can move forward faster.

Parts in as fast as 1 day at Protolabs

Head over to Protolabs to learn more about its capabilities, including the fastest lead times in the industry! While we continue to transition the Hubs brand to Protolabs, you’ll need to create a separate account on the platform to place orders there.

Go to Protolabs

Where to find out more

If you work with a Hubs account manager, the same team member will continue to support you with your orders, they’ll just have a new Protolabs logo in their signature. If there’s anything you’re still wondering about, feel free to contact us with any other questions.

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What is Protolabs?

Protolabs is the fastest and most comprehensive digital manufacturing service in the world, combining in-house quick-turn factories and a network of manufacturing partners (Protolabs Network).

What is Protolabs Network?

The global network of premium manufacturing partners at Protolabs. Hubs became part of the Protolabs company in 2021 and will change its name to Protolabs Network in early 2024.

What is the difference between Protolabs and Protolabs Network?

Protolabs offers accelerated manufacturing of quality parts in as fast as 1 day paired with our digital network of global suppliers–Protolabs Network–for advanced capabilities and volume pricing. Both offer injection molding, CNC machining, 3D printing, and sheet metal fabrication.

Where do I find my order?

If you ordered with Hubs, log into Protolabs Network using the details of your Hubs account. For now, you’ll need to create a separate account to order from Protolabs. In the near future, all capabilities will be available on one quoting system.

Who manages my account now?

The same account manager you worked with at Hubs will continue to support you. 

Will this change affect the status of my orders?

Not at all. We’ll continue to manufacture your current orders, and any future ones, without disruption. 

Do I still use my Hubs account log in (email and password) for Protolabs Network?

Yes, continue to use your existing email and password information to log in to Protolabs Network.  

Does my Hubs/Protolabs Network account log in work for Protolabs?

For most orders, you will still need to place your order through one site or the other ( or and will need a log in for each site. However, with qualifying orders on select Protolabs’ quotes at, customers can order machined parts produced through Protolabs Network. In future, these platforms will be combined. 

If I want to order parts from Protolabs Network and Protolabs, do I need a quote from each?

Quote the parts you want fulfilled by Protolabs through and the parts you want fulfilled by Protolabs Network network through Your Hubs/Protolabs Network account manager can assist with Protolabs’ capabilities too.

Who can I talk to about vetting an opportunity with Protolabs or Protolabs Network?

Talk with your Protolabs or Protolabs Network account manager to understand which is the best route for your project. Feel free to explore quoting through both systems and reach out to your account manager with any questions.

Has Hubs’ quoting system changed?

No, it’s just rebranded as Protolabs Network. 

What happens with purchase orders and approved vendor designations?

You do not need to go through the process of updating your approved vendor list because our legal name will remain "3D Hubs B.V.", even though our brand is changing to Protolabs Network. However, since “approved vendor” has different definitions at different companies, check with your account manager if you have any doubts.

If I have a dispute with a Protolabs Network order, who do I contact?

Protolabs Network will resolve this for you. 

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