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1. Upload a part

Select CNC machining, 3D printing or sheet metal fabrication and upload your CAD file. We can also provide a quote for injection molding within 48 hours. All uploads are secure and confidential.

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2. See prices instantly

Our competitive prices and lead times appear in seconds. What you see is the final price you’ll pay, including shipping, quality control and customs clearance (if it applies). You can choose to manufacture CNC machining orders locally or globally.

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3. Specify details

Edit the parameters of your quote to immediately adjust it for volume pricing, different materials, tolerances, secondary processes and more. Feel free to compare multiple quotes side by side. You can also upload a technical drawing and request certifications.

Optimize your design

Our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) tool analyzes your design for manufacturing, with tips on how to reduce costs and lead times.

What is DFM?

Collaborate with colleagues (if you want to)

Hubs for Teams makes it easy to work together on quotes and purchasing. Manage all of your team’s orders in one convenient place.

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Lock in the price

Lock in your quote to keep this price for 30 days, regardless of how the market fluctuates. We accept various payment methods, and can help get Hubs set up as a vendor so you can conveniently pay by purchase order with Net30 terms.

A seamless manufacturing process

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We find the ideal manufacturer

Our platform matches your order with a specialized manufacturer with the right expertise for the job from our trusted network.

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The Hubs Standard ensures quality

Hubs is ISO-9001 certified and has a rigorous quality management system to guarantee your parts are completed to your exact specifications.

Track your order progress timeline
Track your order

We take full responsibility for the on-time delivery of your parts. If there are any delays we'll contact you with a plan to get your parts to you ASAP.

Get expert assistance

At any stage of the process, our technicians and mechanical engineers can advise you on your project.


Make the most of Hubs and Protolabs

Combine the capabilities of Hubs with the speed of Protolabs to get more out of digital manufacturing. Protolabs offers the industry’s fastest lead times with parts in as fast as 1 day and ITAR compliance. Hubs offers more capabilities, including tighter tolerances, more geometric complexity and many lead-time and pricing options.

When to use Hubs and Protolabs

Batch manufacturing on-demand

We can arrange for your parts to be produced in batches throughout the year with a locked price and lead time, or as one-off reorders whenever you require more parts. This gives you total flexibility, so you never need to pre-finance parts or store inventory. 

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