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Manufacturing guides

Produce better parts with these comprehensive guides to the manufacturing technologies we offer at Protolabs Network. Based on our years of experience producing millions of parts, these best practices and tips will steer you through the production process.

3D printing guide 3D printing guide cover image
3D printing guide

Explore the 3D printing technologies engineers use to manufacture prototypes and end-use parts.

Read our 3D printing guide
CNC machining guide CNC machining guide cover image
CNC machining guide

Learn the basics of milling, turning and using multi-axis CNC machines to create accurate custom parts.

Read our CNC machining guide
Injection molding guide Injection molding guide cover image
Injection molding guide

Master the injection molding process for manufacturing at scale, from tooling and mold design to production runs.

Read our injection molding guide
Sheet metal fabrication guide Sheet metal fabrication guide cover image
Sheet metal fabrication guide

Find out about manufacturing custom parts using high-precision bending and laser cutting.

Read our sheet metal guide
Metal 3D printing guide Metal 3D printing guide cover image
Metal 3D printing guide

Compare the technologies behind functional metal parts that can be 3D printed on demand.

Read our metal 3D printing guide
Guide to plastics Guide to plastics cover image
Guide to plastics

Choose plastics with the right properties for injection molding, 3D printing or CNC machining.

Read our plastics guide

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