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Bead blasting services

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Bead blasted

Bead blasting adds a uniform matte or satin surface finish on a machined part, removing the tool marks. This is used mainly for visual purposes and comes in several different grits which indicate the size of the bombarding pellets. Our standard grit is #120.

Requirement Specification
Grit #120
Color Uniform matte of raw material color
Part masking Indicate masking requirements in technical drawing
Cosmetic availability Cosmetic on request

Example of a bead blasted part

Example of a bead blasted part on Aluminum
Close up on an example of a bead blasted part on Aluminum

The Hubs bead blasting process

Here’s how Hubs bead blasts your custom parts:

  • Parts are first manufactured using a CNC machine

  • Operators send parts to a bead blaster right after machining 

  • Parts are blasted with glass media (grit #120)

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