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Batch manufacturing on-demand

Just-in-time delivery for batch manufacturing. Get parts when you need them. Stop worrying about pre-financing and stocking of your parts.

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How it works

Stop worrying about pre-financing and stocking of your parts.
This is on-demand manufacturing made easy.

CNC rapid prototyping service
Step 1
Verify your designs
Order a set of sample parts through our online platform. With our online manufacturing service, you can send your sample parts into production in less than 5 minutes.
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Step 2
Request quote for batch manufacturing
Our manufacturing experts will get in touch within 1 business day with a quote.
Batch production example
Step 3
Get parts when you need them
Order sets when you need them, against a fixed price and lead-time. You can request batch shipments of your parts on-demand or on a set schedule.

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When to use batch manufacturing

For orders not suitable for batch manufacturing, we recommend Hubs online, on-demand manufacturing service.

Batches are delivered on-demand, no storage needed
Lock-in pricing and lead-times for the duration of the contract, no surprises!
Pay when you order. No pre-financing needed. Avoid the risk of getting parts you don’t need.
Prototyping, or one-off parts, with ever changing requirements
One time, high-volume order
Parts with regular design iterations

Available technologies for batch manufacturing

CNC Machining
5-15 day lead time
Get your parts CNC machined in 20 metals and 8 plastics
MultiJet Fusion (MJF)
6 day lead time
HP's Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) can be used for both prototyping and small-batch-production of functional plastic parts.

Frequently asked questions

When do I use a manufacturing contract?

Manufacturing contracts are designed to make your production costs predictable as they allow you to get a fixed part price for a defined period of time.

If you typically require ongoing monthly or quarterly production of the same set of parts then manufacturing contracts are for you.

If you're still in prototyping phase, we suggest you use our platform for instant pricing and DfM feedback.

How do you ensure consistency between batches?

For manufacturing contracts we select one of our top tier manufacturing partners to produce all batches. You can therefore expect the part quality to be consistent throughout the duration of the contract.

Is the price fixed for the entire contract duration?

The part price is fixed as long as the raw material price does not fluctuate by more than 10%. In that case we will get in touch with you about adjusting the price accordingly.

Is there a penalty fee for cancelling my ongoing manufacturing contract?

It is possible to cancel your manufacturing contract at any time. The penalty fee will be applied only if you have not reached the minimum spend commitment of the contract.

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Baptiste Guérin

"Hubs is able to do the manufacturing in half the time, and that’s a huge advantage to us. "

Julian Jiminez

"Amazing experience. All the exceptions fulfilled. Exceptional quality and surface finish. Lead time faster than initially stated."

Harm Medendorp

"When we started working with Hubs, we noticed an immediate difference in lead time and product cost. Using the DfM tools for CNC machining to quickly iterate, we managed to reduce production costs by up to 50%."

Chandra Harsha

"Very fast and agile. Parts meet quoted quality with reasonable price. The support team from Hubs is also very responsive and helpful."

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