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Injection molding

How does injection molding work and when is it the right time to start using it to manufacturing your parts? Level up your knowledge in this versatile and robust technology, the characteristics that give it its powerful repeatability and how to design parts to get the most out of injection molding.

What are the common applications of injection molding and its top benefits?
What are the common applications of injection molding? What sets it apart as a manufacturing process? This article covers the key benefits of injection molding and provides insight into whether injection molding is right for your industry’s applications.
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How to avoid common defects in injection molding
What are the most common defects in the injection molding process and how do you avoid them? This article provides six essential design tips for avoid production defects while reducing the cost and lead time of your molded parts.
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What is Delrin (POM-H) and what are its material properties?
What is Delrin and why is it unique among the many manufacturing materials available? Delrin, or POM-H (homopolymer acetal), is used in CNC machining, 3D printing and injection molding to create durable, precise components. This article explores Delrin’s properties and how to get the most out of the material.
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3D Printing low-run injection molds
3D printing low-run injection molds
This article discusses the use of 3D printing to print molds for low run injection molding. Design considerations, materials, molds configurations and a comparative case study are all included
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Injection Molding SPI surface finishes
What’s the best SPI surface finish for your injection molded part?
What SPI surface finishes does Protolabs Network have for injection molding custom parts? Check out the standard SPI mold finishes we offer and our material recommendations to get the most out of injection molding.
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Injection moulded part
How much does injection molding cost?
In this article, we’ll take a look at common factors that influence the cost of injection molding, including equipment, labor, and materials – as well as tips for reducing manufacturing costs.
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How to design parts for Injection Molding
How do you design parts for injection molding?
How do you optimize part design for injection molding? This complete guide to designing for injection molding provides basic and advanced design tips, including guidelines for creating snap-fits, living hinges and undercuts, and accounting for optimial surface finishes.
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Introduction to Injection Molding
What is injection molding?
What is injection molding and how does it work? In this comprehensive introduction, we cover the basic principles of this efficient and repeatable manufacturing technology. After reading this article you will understand the fundamental mechanics of the injection molding process and how these relate to its key benefits and limitations.
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What is die casting?
Want to learn more about die casting? In this article, we’ll take a look at the process, its history and current uses, advantages, design guidelines, and more.
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Injection Molding SPI surface finishes
Why is draft angle design essential for injection molding?
Why is it important to design draft angles for injection molding custom parts? This article covers why draft angles are essential and how to design them better to get the most out of your injection molding designs.
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What is overmolding?
Find out about the manufacturing technique used to injection mold a second material over or around a part to create a new one.
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Common materials used in injection molding
When producing parts with injection molding, understanding the range of materials that are available is crucial. Find out more about those materials, their properties, and factors to consider when choosing a material for injection molded parts.
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