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Standards & technical data

What are the essential industry standards for manufacturing and how do they help you design parts for manufacturability? This collection of standards, tables and conversion charts, including drill bit sizes for CNC machines, will help you source parts faster and smarter.

Standard Drill Bit Sizes for CNC machining (Conversion Tables)
Standard drill bit sizes for CNC machining
Use these conversion tables of standard drill bit sizes (metric, fractional inch, and wire gauge) common in CNC machining to reduce manufacturing costs from custom tooling.
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Standard Blank Sizes for CNC machining (Sheets & Rods)
Standard blank sizes for CNC machining (sheets & rods)
Tables of the standard blank sizes (sheets & rods) commonly used in CNC machining.
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cnc-surface finish-as-machined-1
What are the different types of threads for manufacturing? Practical tips for engineers
What are the different types of threads for manufacturing? In this article, learn how to correctly design threads to reduce lead times and cost for your next CNC machining production run.
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Rz vs Ra roughness
Rz and Ra are measurements used to describe and quantify surface roughness in manufacturing and engineering. Find out more about these different ways of measuring roughness as a machining finish for custom parts.
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Certifications mockup for the knowledge base article
Different types of quality documentation and when you need them
Learn about the role quality documentation plays in the manufacturing process, how to obtain it, and the types of documentation that apply to parts, materials, and more
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