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Industry and lifecycle

Read these practical tips about how to design parts for different purposes, from prototyping aerospace parts to manufacturing end-use consumer products in full-production runs.

Product development & manufacturing: how do you source parts for the initial prototyping stage
What are the best manufacturing processes for creating initial prototypes? This article covers the key benefits of prototyping with technologies like FDM, SLA and sheet metal fabrication and how to save time and money with these processes.
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How to manufacture parts for production
In this article, we’ll take a look at several of the technologies and materials used to manufacture parts for production, their benefits, things to consider, and more.
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Medical device manufacturing: Best practices, applications and regulations
Learn about the processes used to manufacture medical devices and which applications they're relevant to, as well as best practices to follow when designing medical devices.
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How do you manufacture parts for functional prototyping?
What is a functional prototype, and how do you most effectively create one? This article covers the purpose of functional prototypes, common materials, manufacturing processes used to create them, tips on reducing cost and lead times, and more.
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Beyond prototyping: What 3D printing technologies work for bridge and higher volume production?
Are you interested in taking 3D printing to the next level? Learn about the 3D printing technologies that are best suited for bridge and high-volume production.
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The biggest pitfalls for prototyped products (and how to avoid them)
Want to learn about several of the challenges our customers face while prototyping, as well as solutions, tips, and tricks to circumvent them? Our article on prototyping pitfalls might be for you!
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Understand the scales of production
Explore the different scales of production factors that influence them and the manufacturing methods that are best suited to each stage.
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How to reduce costs on sheet metal parts
Learn easy ways to streamline production when it comes to sheet metal fabrication. From design to post-processing, these tips will save you money.
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How to manufacture parts for industrial machinery
Manufacturing parts for industrial machines requires special attention, as their performance directly impacts productivity. Find out about the industrial parts our customers manufacture, the materials used to create them, design considerations, and more.
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How to manufacture legacy parts
Older systems and equipment sometimes require parts that are no longer on the market. Because legacy parts can be tricky to source, manufacturing your own can be an ideal solution. Find out about manufacturing processes for legacy parts, selecting the right materials and tips for maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure.
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How to manufacture electronics components
These are the steps involved in manufacturing electronics, as well as recommended technologies and materials used to create them.
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How to take advantage of decentralized manufacturing
Learn the definition of decentralized manufacturing and how it can help you strengthen your supply chains and launch products faster.
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How to manufacture consumer products
These are the steps involved in manufacturing consumer products, as well as recommended technologies and materials used to create them.
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