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Scott Summit from Bespoke Innovations

Successes and lessons learned through Bespoke’s efforts in designing and developing 3D printing solutions for custom prosthetic devices.

With a background in industrial design, Scott Summit founded Bespoke Innovations, a San Francisco-based start-up that focuses on experimenting with the impact of design on vital, but un-designed products. Leveraging 3D printing as the main technology, Bespoke aims to improve the lives of disabled individuals by delivering solutions for prosthetic limbs, scoliosis bracing, fracture and post-operative stabilization bracing, carpal tunnel, and many more exo-skeletal assistive devices.

Throughout his career, Scott Summit focused a lot of his work on exploring the intersection between the body, human needs, and technology. The versatility of 3D printing technologies has inspired him to rethink medicine, innovation, space travel, business models, and its potential in improving the quality of life.
Prior to starting Bespoke, Scott Summit taught design at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford University. Today, he is a lecturer at Singularity University.

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