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3D printing for production


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Grasp the full benefits of additive manufacturing

Industrial 3D printing enables engineering teams globally to reduce their time to market, cut design and manufacturing costs and access a previously untapped design space.

Learn how to take full advantage of the benefits of Additive to produce end-use parts and functional prototypes through practical examples and actionable design tips.

Join us to learn

  • What are the latest trends in the Additive Manufacturing industry
  • Which 3D printing processes can produce end-use parts
  • What are the ideal use cases for each 3D printing process
  • How does 3D printing compare with traditional manufacturing solutions
  • How to design parts to ensure printability and minimize costs

Our manufacturing experts will also answer all your questions in the live Q&A.

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Main presenter

Alkaios Bournias Varotsis is responsible for all technical content published on the Hubs platform. His mission is to help engineers grasp the full benefits of 3D printing and digital manufacturing technologies. He is the author of the 3D Printing Trends 2019, a report about the latest developments in the 3D printing industry. Before joining Hubs, he studied for his Ph.D. in Additive Manufacturing at Loughborough University, UK.

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