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Meet the team from Additive Flow at Protolabs Network's Online Engineering Summit

Raring to learn more about orthotropy in additive manufacturing? We’re pleased to announce the expert team from Additive Flow will feature in our next installment of the Online Engineering Summit.

Written by Georgie King

After the impressive turnout from our first two installments with Autodesk and Scott Summit, we’re looking forward to our next installment with additive manufacturing optimization software company, Additive Flow on Wednesday, 6th May at 6pm (CET) / 11am (CST) - sign up here.

Alexander Pluke (CEO) and Charles Fried (CTO) from Additive Flow will take us through the advantages of orthotropy and demonstrate its practical benefits through a live case study.

What’s on the agenda?


BAC Mono Supercar. Credit: Briggs Automotive Company

The Additive Flow team will present several case studies including a part from 3DGBIRE customer BAC Mono, and perspectives from 3DGBIRE General Manager, Daniel Abram and demonstrate the implications of multi property use in additive manufacturing (AM).

They’ll also discuss the wider implications of multi property within the current additive manufacturing landscape and how that ties to their specialization orthotropy.

A fireside chat will follow with Protolabs Network’s Brian Garret (Co-founder and CPO) and David Nguyen (Lead Engineer). You’ll also get the chance to ask your questions directly to the speakers as part of the Q&A final section.

You can join live or watch on demand.

About Additive Flow

Founded in 2017 by Alexander Pluke, Charles Fried, Additive Flow has sought to develop and provide advanced digital solutions for the additive manufacturing workflow. Their mission is to intelligently progress the capabilities of design and optimization for additive manufacturing applications and to unlock the latent real performance potential of 3D printing.

This is achieved by their recently released, FormFlow software, that overcomes the challenges faced by many designers and engineers working with additive manufacturing processes. A multi-functional program with the capability to apply multiple user-defined parameters for simultaneous geometry, process parameter, and material optimization. The software uses physics-driven algorithms to process and solve complex performance issues in the design phase.

FormFlow delivers optimally performing parts cost-effectively, sustainably and in minimal time.

About the presenters

additive flow team

Alexander Pluke

Driven by the innovation potential of AM, he invented and built novel 3D Printers. He has developed and filed patents for hardware, AI control and optimisation software for AM.

Charles Fried

Industrial and computational designer with 13+ years experience in Digital Manufacturing.

Daniel Abram

Focussed on helping industry adopt Additive Manufacturing. Implemented the official service, support, training and applications development for Ultimaker, Raise3D and Photocentric in the UK and Ireland.

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Come join us and the Additive Flow team for an expert deep dive into multi property optimization for additive manufacturing in the world of orthotropy with a live Q&A session at Protolabs Network's Online Engineering Conference.

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