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Protolabs Network presents: The online engineering summit

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Watch 6 installments of the Online Engineering Summit

##### Presentations by:

Thomas Stock from Autodesk

Scott Summit from SummitID

Nicolas Pluke & Charles Fried from Additive Flow

Brad Templeton from Singularity University

Sam Rogers from Gravity Industries

Jon Bruner and Dr. Hardik Kabaria from Carbon

3D Printed Lattices as Programmable Material

Carbon - Dr. Hardik Kabaria & Jon Bruner

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Building the world’s first jet suit

Gravity Industries, Lead Designer, Sam Rogers

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Robocars: Computers driving cars and changing the world.

Brad Templeton

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Additive Flow

Founders Charles Fried & Alexander Pluke

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Scott Summit

Founder of Bespoke Innovations

Successes and lessons learned through Bespoke’s efforts in designing and developing 3D printing solutions for custom prosthetic devices.

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From Design to Print With Fusion 360

Thomas Stock, Research Engineer, Autodesk

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