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Robocars: Computers driving cars and changing the world. We welcome self-driving car expert Brad Templeton to the Online Engineering Summit

Interested in learning more about self driving cars, the technology and their incredible consequences for saving lives, energy and more? Join us and self-driving car expert, Brad Templeton at the Protolabs Network Online Engineering Summit.

Written by Georgie King

With his background as a consultant and advisor to the Google car team (known as Waymo), Brad Templeton joins us to discuss the technology of cars that drive themselves, and their incredible consequences for saving lives, energy, cities, retailing, food, industry and many other aspects of life.

Join us on Wednesday, 13th May at 6pm (CET)/11am (CST).

About Brad

Moving from a prior career involving authorship of a dozen software packages, founding the world's first dot-com, and chairing the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Brad Templeton entered the self-driving car space in 2007. His web site and blog at is the oldest and most popular site on the topic. He worked on Google's self-driving car team in its early years, and has consulted for some of the world's largest automakers and investors. He advised many of the leading startups, including unicorns Quanergy, Zoox, Cruise and Otto, and works today with Starship Technologies on delivery robots.

He writes regularly for Forbes and has most recently been focussed on how transport will transform after the pandemic.


What’s on the agenda

Brad will share the latest developments in the self-driving car industry and explore in depth the implications on human safety, energy, cities and many other aspects of life.

Robot cars (Robocars) are already operating in pilot projects, and will go into commercial deployment in the 2020s. Google's robocars have already gone over 10 million miles (2018) on regular roads, operated with no human supervision in special cases and today drive a special set of members of the public around the Phoenix area.

Robocars make computers the most important part of cars, and bring the Moore's-law acceleration to transportation. Almost all automakers, and suppliers, plus many tech companies and startups are in the game, with many billions of dollars already invested.

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Are you keen on learning more about robocars? Come and join us and Brad Templeton for expert insight and live Q&A session at the Protolabs Network Online Engineering Summit.

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