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Paying for an order

After you have uploaded your parts and selected the specifications you’d like, you can place your order. Clicking Go to checkout will take you to the payment page.

Instant payment methods

Protolabs Network accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards

  • iDeal


  • giropay

Net 30 terms with Protolabs Network

Protolabs Network offers NET 30 payment terms upon the receipt of your order. You’ll need to request NET 30 payment options before paying for an order with NET 30 terms. Please note that it usually takes 1–2 business days for our team to process your application.

Once approved, you will have 3 additional payment options for each order:

  • Signed quote via eSignature

  • Signed quote via email

  • Purchase order

If you’re using a Team Account, the entire team will have access to NET 30 payment options if at least one team member has access.

Adding a VAT number

If you’re ordering for a company with a VAT number, you can add the number to your quote’s shipping address. We’ll check to make sure that the VAT number you entered matches the country of the shipping address.

After you’ve already ordered with a VAT number, you’ll be prompted to use that VAT number again on future orders. You don’t need to manually enter the number, instead click Use VAT number on the quote page, which will take you to your shipping address and ask you to confirm the VAT number that’s been saved.

You can edit the VAT number for any quote in the Shipping address section. If you’re using a team accounts account, you can apply a VAT number to all team orders in your team settings.


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