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Managing quotes and orders

You can easily view all of your quotes and orders by selecting Quotes or Orders from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. If you’re using a team accounts account, you can filter to view only your quotes and orders or view all of the quotes and orders for the entire team.

To find an order or quote faster, you can search by quote number, order number, PO number or the order reference number.

💡 Pro tip
You can add a custom order reference number to any order on the payment page. This can be your company’s internal order number or anything that makes it easier for you to search for and find order in the future.

Tracking an order’s status

Click on an individual order in the list of orders to see more details about that order. This includes its production and shipping status, parts, specifications, and other details.


You can order the same parts again by hovering over an order an the order page or inside the order details.

Disputing an order

If you’re not satisfied with an order and believe it wasn’t produced according to the specifications you selected, you have 30 days to raise a dispute. From the order page click Report a problem with this order to start the process. Our support team will get in touch right away to find a solution.


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