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Collaborating on quotes and orders

Sharing a quote

You can share a quote via email or download it as a PDF. Anyone can view the quote details and then purchase the parts.

For example: an engineer can upload and configure the parts, then email the quote to a colleague in the purchasing department to complete the order.

You can share your quote by clicking the download or email icons at the top of the quote:

Please note, you must lock the price before sharing. This price will then be valid for 30 days. Additional changes can be made by creating a new quote version.

Adding a technical contact

Our manufacturing partners and support team will occasionally need to contact you during production to clarify discrepancies between the CAD file and technical drawing or similar technical questions. If the person placing the order isn’t the best person to answer technical questions, you can add a technical contact to each other.

After completing payment, you’ll be prompted to enter a technical contact. This is optional, and you can skip this step if you’re the best person to answer technical questions about your order.

If our manufacturing partner has any question about your order, both the person who placed the order and the technical contact will receive an email notification.

We recommend using team accounts and inviting the technical contact to join your team.

team accounts

team accounts is the best way to collaborate on quotes and orders, and it’s completely free. Each team member can view and edit any quote or order belonging to anyone on the team.

To create a team, go to Team settings in the left-hand panel. You’ll be able to name your team and invite colleagues to join.

At present, it is only possible to be a member of one team at a time.


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