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Meet two of our role models

For the third consecutive year, we participated in Equals’ role model campaign celebrating successful women.

Role model campaign

Protolabs is an organization dedicated to reducing the gender gap and getting more talented women into STEM leadership positions, since their underrepresentation affects all of us. In time for International Women’s Day on 8 March, we teamed up with Equals on their role model campaign.

Introducing two inspiring members of our team

Our Injection Molding Project Engineer Nirva Portugal and Art Director Jungeun Lee are featured in billboards around Amsterdam. More than 150 role models are featured throughout the Netherlands.

Nirva Portugal, Injection molding project engineer

“Visible role models are crucial for inspiration, representation, and guidance. They inspire individuals, especially from underrepresented groups, by demonstrating success,”

Nirva says. Read more about Nirva’s experience and her path to success.

Jungeun’s advice to her younger self would be that “everyone has their own unique path; do not compare yourself to others. Stay dedicated to what you want to do, and keep fighting for what you believe is right. Above all, appreciate people around you and be nice both to others and yourself.” Read more of Jungeun’s inspiring words.

Jungeun Lee, Art director

Living up to our values

Protolabs gets behind this campaign to inspire positive change around gender equality. “Joining a campaign for International Women’s Day is crucial to demonstrate solidarity with gender equality initiatives and advocate for inclusivity within the company and beyond. Participating in such campaigns shows a commitment to diversity, fosters an inclusive workplace culture, and empowers female employees of color.”

In previous years, Software Engineer Daphnee Portheault and CEO Alex Cappy were featured in the campaign.

We look forward to sharing more successes of our talented team in years to come. Find out more about what it’s like to work at Protolabs Network.