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All you need to know about uploading your CAD files to Protolabs Network

Uploading files to Protolabs Network takes just a couple of seconds. Click the 'Select your files' button or drag and drop your CAD files anywhere on the page.

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Supported file formats

Protolabs Network can process and give instant quote for a variety of standard CAD formats. See the full list below:

  • STL (3D printing only)

  • OBJ (3D printing only)

  • STEP

  • IGES


  • 3DM

  • SAT

  • X_T

STL and OBJ files

STL and OBJ files are not supported for CNC machining, Sheet metal or Injection moulding as they lack the precision required by our suppliers.

STL and OBJ files are processed in millimetres by default since they do not contain any information about their units. However after the part is uploaded, you can switch between millimetres, centimetres and inches. The part is then processed again in the with the right units and update price.

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Technical drawings

Technical drawings can be attached to the part as a PDF. We highly recommend uploading a technical drawings as they are considered the main source of truth by our suppliers. For parts that exceed our standard tolerances or contain threaded holes, technical drawings are required. Learn more about part attachments.

IP protection

Protolabs Network uses bank level encryption to ensure your files are not accessed by any third party outside of our supply chain. To ensure that your files are protected during the manufacturing process, every Manufacturing Partner agreed to and signed an NDA. If you need additional guarantees, please contact

What's next?

Once you have successfully uploaded your files, you can continue to select a material. Did you get an error while uploading your parts? Learn how to resolve it.


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