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Tnuc4tEdQZWmv0dmQOPm_cnc milling - Aluminium 2.jpg
Tnuc4tEdQZWmv0dmQOPm_cnc milling - Aluminium 2.jpg
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Material type
Material name

Aluminum 5052 | EN AW-5052 | 3.3523 | AlMg2,5

Alternative names
AlMg2,5 , 3.3523
Process compatibility
CNC machining
David Nguyen, Mechanical Engineering Lead
Aluminum 5052 alloy is high magnesium alloys and like all 5000-series has a fairly high strength. It can be hardened to a significant degree by cold working, therefore enabling a series of “H” tempers. However, it is not heat treatable. It has good corrosion resistance, especially to salt water.
David Mechanical Engineering Lead at Protolabs Network