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More surface finishes now available

We’ve made it easier to choose double-finishing options for CNC machined parts. Now you can select bead blasting prior to anodizing type III or chromate conversion coating.

Example of surface finishes for CNC milling

Some projects require the extra step of a primary surface finish before moving on to post-processes such as anodizing and chromate conversion coating. These options are now available on the Protolabs Network platform.

Introducing bead blasting for anodized and chromate coated parts 

When uploading a part to our online quote builder, you now have the option to choose bead blasting plus anodizing type III, or bead blasting plus chromate conversion coating. Choosing bead blasting to smooth machining marks prior to other post-processes improves the aesthetic quality of your parts.

Why bead blast parts first

Bead blasting gives metal a smooth, satin or matte texture by blasting away machining marks, leaving an even texture across the entire surface of the part. This better prepares parts before anodizing (used to strengthen them and protect against corrosion), or chromate conversion coating (used for corrosion resistance or to prime the surface for painting). 

A huge selection of surface finishes 

Protolabs Network offers a wide variety of post-processing options for functional and cosmetic purposes. From brushing and polishing to black oxide coating and electroless nickel plating, these optional processes enhance part performance for almost any application.