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BT High Precision turns idle hours into revenue stream

Find out how we helped BT High Precision connect with new customers in a highly competitive market.

The company:

BT High Precision Machining is a business offering CNC machining services to the Bay Area

The challenge:

Connecting and communicating with customers in a highly competitive market

Top priority:

Turning as much profit as possible while spending less time on administrative back-and-forth


A 10% increase in business during the first six months on the platform

Bang Tien, a seasoned machinist with over three decades of experience, has spent the past four years running BT High Precision Machining. The San Jose, California-based business provides CNC lathing and milling services throughout the Bay Area, with production runs predominantly consisting of small to medium-sized batch orders of subcontracted work for powerhouse clients such as Lockheed and NASA.

Unsurprisingly, the exact nature of much of what BT High Precision Machining produces is confidential – or at least the applications are unknown to Bang. Orders are, however, often highly specified, complex, and meant for industrial environments in which durability and reliability are critical factors.

When such orders arrive, business is good. But their sporadic nature means Bang is sometimes left with valuable downtime that he must fill for BT High Precision Machining to remain profitable – and was a driving force behind his decision to join the platform as a manufacturing partner.

Open to taking on extra orders

“I was having a really hard time finding customers in the Bay Area,” says Bang. “We’ve struggled financially because of that. I also have a hard time communicating with people, both because English is not my first language and talking to people in general is not my strong suit; I’d rather be in the workshop, focusing on creating. With the network, I’m able to do that, with the bulk of the customer communication going through the platform.”

Bang’s six months on the platform have served as a crash-course in on-demand manufacturing – a time during which he has been introduced to hundreds of potential clients, utilizing an intuitive manufacturing partner portal that enables him to quickly browse available jobs and choose those for which BT High Precision Machining is best suited.

The ease and efficiency of our platform

“The portal is very easy to use,” Bang says. “You just choose a job and start working, with very little back-and-forth. Our staff is very friendly and very easy to communicate with – which is a must for me. It’s a great connection.”

 That connection is further bolstered by financial practicality. Bang, of course, is highly concerned with upholding BT High Precision Machining’s reputation for delivering high-quality parts for internationally renowned organizations – but like every business owner, he’s also interested in turning a profit.

Our platform, he says, allows him to achieve both simultaneously. He’s busy and work-focused – without the burden of time-consuming administrative duties that have in the past proved overwhelming – and as such has seen a 10% increase in business since beginning to use the platform.

 “I feel a lot more stable” he says. “For one, the pay is better than other platforms I’ve used in the past. And I’m no longer worrying as much about when the next job will come in; I’m much more in control. That’s a great feeling.”