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Uniting 3D printing enthusiasts around the world

Engineering students from the University of Lagos deepened their 3D printing knowledge during a recent workshop. We sent along copies of The 3D Printing Handbook to share our expertise on all things additive.

Supporting engineering talent

When we heard that the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Lagos was hosting a training workshop about a topic we’re obsessed with, we helped them out with some complimentary copies of our industry bestseller. Protolabs Network can always get behind supporting engineering talent, especially when it comes to welcoming newcomers to the world of additive manufacturing. Congratulations to all the participants. We can’t wait to see the brilliant ideas that you’ll apply your knowledge to.

The 3D Printing Handbook

Ben Redwood, Brian Garret and Filemon Schöffer (two of Protolabs Network’s founders), released The 3D Printing Handbook to help readers master professional 3D printing technologies. It’s an in-depth guide to designing for 3D printing filled with first-hand advice on adapting the technology to your application. The book has also helped us build a community of 3D printing enthusiasts who continue to inspire us with their creative ideas.

Find out more about The 3D Printing Handbook.

Get parts printed with Protolabs Network

You can also learn more about 3D printing on the Protolabs Network Knowledge Base. It covers a guide to different 3D printing technologies, tips for saving costs and how to choose the right filament for your project. When you’re ready to start printing, upload a CAD file to set your project in motion.