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Protolabs Network Local is here with more CNC sourcing options

Try out Protolabs Network Local: faster parts through local sourcing in the EU and US

Manufacture locally or globally — it’s up to you. We’ve expanded our network of CNC machine shops in the US and EU so you can source parts closer to your location. It’s a great solution for time-sensitive projects, and you’re supporting local machine shops with every production run.

Get 5-day lead times for CNC parts 

Protolabs Network Local is a fast and reliable option for part sourcing with lead times as short as five days. You can now get parts faster within your custom-clearance zone and select from a growing range of materials and surface finishes. 

Should you manufacture locally or globally?

Our experts have weighed in on the benefits of local vs global manufacturing for your project. Since we launched Protolabs Network Local, you can choose the best location to manufacture based on your timeframe, budget and other requirements. This additional option gives you even more control over your supply chain. Rest assured, local and global options come with our stringent quality control, the Protolabs Network Standard, and our on-time guarantee.



Part Quality

Excellent (Protolabs Network Standard™)

Excellent (Protolabs Network Standard™)


More narrow

Broad range

Time to parts in hand






Shipping time

Shorter (low variance)

Longer (high variance)

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