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Get more out of digital manufacturing by combining our network with Protolabs’ ultra-fast lead times.

Photograph from the inside of Protolabs' factory

Since Protolabs Network became a Protolabs company in 2021, we’ve been working together to bring you the world’s most comprehensive digital manufacturing platform. Protolabs offers vast in-house capabilities in 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication.

Protolabs also offers the fastest lead times in the industry – some parts can be shipped in just one business day. Together, we can provide the far-reaching capabilities of our global network, and the production speed of Protolabs’ digital factories, too. 

When to manufacture with Protolabs or Protolabs Network

Protolabs offers lightning-fast manufacturing with automated in-house machines. For geometrically simple, time-sensitive projects, such as quick-turn prototyping and low-volume production, Protolabs is the go-to solution. Order from Protolabs for lead times as fast as 1 day, ITAR-compliant parts and more.

When your project requires more options and capacity, Protolabs Network's digital network of suppliers can help. We offer expanded manufacturing capabilities for geometrically complex and cosmetically demanding parts with volume pricing on production orders.

Find out more about part production with Protolabs and how to take full advantage of our full services and expertise.