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Sourcing parts during Chinese New Year

How to plan for Chinese New Year 2022 and your Protolabs Network sourcing needs.

How to plan your sourcing needs during Chinese New Year 2022

Need help manufacturing parts during Chinese New Year? We are on call to plan your orders and assist with your sourcing needs.

Coming into 2023, remember that the world’s manufacturing powerhouse will close to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit between 16-29 January. 

Thanks to our distributed network of experienced manufacturing partners, Protolabs Network is operational 24/7, year-round. However, the country-wide closure impacts the global balance of supply and demand, which may result in longer lead times and/or higher prices on our platform during this period.

For customers in the United States and Europe, our local network of CNC machine shops in your regions provides the perfect alternative for time-sensitive part production during Chinese New Year. To select local manufacturing for your order, go to the lead time selector. Lead times and prices will be displayed for both local and global production options. 

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Important dates

22 December: Last day to place your order with standard lead times.

16-29 January: All factories across China will be closed for 2 to 4 weeks during Chinese New Year as the country rings in the Year of the Rabbit.

30 January: All pricing, lead times and CNC finishing options will be back to normal.

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