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Sourcing parts during Chinese New Year

How to plan for Chinese New Year 2022 and your Hubs sourcing needs.

How to plan your sourcing needs during Chinese New Year 2022

Need help manufacturing parts during Chinese New Year? We are on call to plan your orders and assist with your sourcing needs.

Thirty percent of global manufacturing takes place in China so, even though our network is widely distributed both locally and overseas, the country-wide closures impact the international balance of manufacturing supply and demand. This may result in longer lead times and/or higher prices on our platform from 3 January–15 February 2022.

We will remain fully operational during this period although some offerings, such as cosmetic finishes and glossy anodizing on CNC orders, will need to be requested through your account manager instead of through the online checkout.

If you have time-sensitive projects that you need manufactured during Chinese New Year, order your parts through our parent company Protolabs. With its automated, in-house machining capabilities, Protolabs offers the fastest lead times in the industry—in some cases, parts ship in as fast as 24 hours.

Important dates

3 January: Last day to place your order with standard lead times.

10 January–15 February: All factories across China will be closed for 2 to 4 weeks during Chinese New Year as the country rings in the year of the tiger.

15 February: All pricing, lead times and CNC finishing options will be back to normal.

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