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Hubs makes custom manufacturing accessible.

This is what our order flow looks like.

Step 1

Upload 3D files and start building your online quote.

Select a manufacturing process from CNC machining, 3D printing and sheet metal fabrication.

All uploads are secure and confidential.

Step 2

Your parts are quoted instantly.

We use state-of-the-art machine learning to calculate the price and possible lead time options for your parts. Every time you change a part specification, the quote is instantly recalculated.

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Step 3

Choose your part and order specifications.

Select the right material and finish, attach technical drawings and comments, specify tolerances, choose an order quantity and select a lead time that suits you.

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Step 4

Our team of experts are on hand to help.

Our technicians and mechanical engineers are available to advise you on your project or to check your order for possible quality issues before sending your parts for production.

Step 5

Your order is matched with the best manufacturer.

Our Smart Supplier Matching will ensure your order is sent to a specialized manufacturer that can produce exactly what you ordered within the lead time you selected.

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your order is sourced

Step 6

We confirm your parts are made to spec.

The quality of your parts is checked on-site by the manufacturer and again by our engineers at our US and EU quality control facilities. We also handle the custom duties for EU and US orders.

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Step 7

Your parts are delivered on time.

We take full responsibility for the on-time delivery of your parts. If there are any delays we'll contact you immediately with a plan to get your parts to you ASAP.

Step 8

Take the time to inspect your order.

Did we miss something or is the specification not quite right? Raise a dispute easily on our platform. We take full responsibility in the event that your requirements are not met, allowing you to receive a full refund or have your parts remade free of charge.

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