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Instead of traditional, rules-based quoting, we use machine learning algorithms to compare your CAD to millions of previously manufactured parts, which enables us to generate a quote (almost) instantly.

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Our algorithms use millions of data points collected on part-specific factors like geometric complexity, volume, material costs, tolerances, secondary processes and quality control. This is combined with data points on market-specific factors such as global production capacity and the supply and demand of shipping.

Globally competitive prices.

Optimising our pricing on the behaviour of our manufacturing partners allows us to estimate global production capacity, removing information asymmetries from the market. If our partners accept more orders, capacity increases and our prices go down. If fluctuations in one region cause local capacity to decrease, we can shift production elsewhere. Either way, we pass the unbiased, fair prices on to our customers.

Optimise your orders on the fly.

As you edit the parameters of your quote, the price updates immediately. This means you can easily compare prices for different choices of order volume, lead time, material, tolerances, secondary processes and more.

No hidden costs.

Our prices are transparent. We take every additional cost into account when giving a final price, including shipping, quality control and customs clearance (when ordering from the US or EU). What you see in your instant quote is the price you will pay for your order.

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