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These custom 3D printed headphones you build yourself, are manufactured locally in 150 countries

Dutch Manufacturing start-up print+ is launching it's first product after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Written by George Fisher-Wilson

Dutch Manufacturing start-up print+ is launching it's first product after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The DIY Headphone kit, gives users all the electrical components needed, paired with 3D files for 3D printing, to create their own custom headphones. To create the predominant 3D printed parts of the headphones, Protolabs Network network of 7,000 3D local printing hubs in over 150 countries will be used.

This sustainable form of distributed manufacturing completely eliminates all waste from overproduction (parts are created on-demand), pollution from transport, whilst having very fast turn-around times as parts are manufactured locally.


The headphones can be 3D printed with most desktop 3D printers with minimal support material needed. PLA is the recommended material thanks to easy printability. The easy to assemble modular design means components and parts can easily be replaced and upgraded at anytime adding to the product's sustainability.

Using desktop 3D printing was important to the project to proves that this technology can go beyond prototyping and actually create functional end products.

The DIY headphone kits come with speakers, remote control, cables, cushions and headband. All that needs to be added are 3D printed parts. Using 3D printing means endless options for customisation, currently there are 21 kit colors available and 6 base designs to be 3D printed. All 3D files can be completely customised for a tailored fit and personalised look.

Print+’s founder Patrick Schuur explains the ethos behind the product

The core idea of print+ is to inspire people to move away from this wave of hyper consumption to one in which we connect with our goods through being their producer. By producing ourselves we in turn gain the ability to fix them, upgrade them and appreciate their functionality.

Headphones are just the start as print+ is already planning its next line of products in combination with Protolabs Network global network of 3D printers, to bring locally made DIY products to the masses.

The DIY Headphone Kit costs €80 for both the locally made 3D printed parts and electronic components. You can also purchase the components separately for €45 and 3D print the core elements yourself.