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Manufacturing Prusa protective face shields for hospitals in Denver, Colorado.

Written by Ferdinand Goetzen



Within just a couple of hours of launching our Covid Manufacturing Fund, we have already raised thousands of dollars and are processing our first orders. We would like to thank everyone for the support we have received.

We are excited to be partnering with the healthcare collective Make4Covid and the University of Denver to manufacture protective face shields for hospitals in Denver. We are working on manufacturing key components for the Prusa face shield RC2, to be used ‘in the field’ in hospitals that are facing shortages in the midst of this deepening crisis. With the number of COVID-19 cases rapidly growing throughout Colorado, many hospitals are facing shortages in both staff and medical equipment. Rapid production of protective gear is key to protecting healthcare workers in the fight against coronavirus.

The Prusa face shield RC2 in action in a Denver hospital.

About Make4Covid

Make4Covid is a collective of over 15 organizations working together to support the manufacturing of medical equipment for hospitals in Denver that are facing equipment shortages. They are one of the first initiatives to partner with the COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund and work with Hubs to manufacture face shields.

About Hubs

Hubs is an online manufacturing platform that provides engineers with on-demand access to a global network of manufacturing partners. Hubs set up the COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund to support initiatives in the fight against coronavirus by providing them with access to funds and manufacturing capacity.