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Introducing Protolabs Network Manufacturing LLC

Last week, Protolabs Network launched its US-based business entity Protolabs Network Manufacturing LLC. Together with the US launch, a new, unified, order experience was released. Here we explain what these updates means for you.

Written by Filemon Schöffer

Last week, Protolabs Network launched its US-based business entity Protolabs Network Manufacturing LLC. Together with the US launch, a new order experience was released.

US Business Entity

As explained in this blog post, Protolabs Network's recent developments have been focused on improving automation, standardization, and reliability of our sourcing service. As part of this strategy, we successfully tested our new Fulfilled by Protolabs Network service, late 2017, for a more standardized order fulfilment process.

In order to implement this service for US users, we have now set up Protolabs Network Manufacturing LLC. From here onwards, all 3D printing orders will automatically be routed to one of our local US Manufacturing Partners.

If you’re ordering 3D printed parts in the US, these are the changes:

  • Invoices for your orders are now sent from the US entity.
  • You can now pay locally within the US and no international credit card charges will be added to your order.
  • When ordering parts for CNC machining, depending on your requirements, your order might be carried out by a supplier outside the US.

A Unified Order Experience

Together with the new entity - and after extensive testing in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand - a new order experience went live for US* users.  

  • You can now compare pricing and lead times across 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding in a single window.
  • Supplier selection is no longer needed. Protolabs Network will automatically route your order to a supplier with instant capacity available. This allows us to give you faster lead times and reliable quality for your parts.
  • All communication regarding your manufacturing project will happen directly with a dedicated Protolabs Network manufacturing expert.

*Rollout for Europe and Canada is expected for Q1 2019.

Additionally, we’re also able to offer professional quality assurance across all manufacturing technologies including ISO 9001, Material Certifications, and Inspection Reports.

The video below quickly demos the new order experience. If you want to try it for yourself, go to

P.S. With the new checkout, new Design for Manufacturability (DfM) were released - Print Orientation and Cosmetic Surface annotation - more details here.


How can I pay for my orders in the new checkout?

As usual, you can pay for your 3D printing orders by using a credit card or wire transfer. We also offer NET30 payment terms for registered companies.

Does Protolabs Network's Manufacturing Partners have signed NDAs?

All our Manufacturing Partners have been handpicked for their reliability, repeatability and proven quality. They all have registered businesses with pre-signed NDA's, service level agreements, and stand by standardized production guidelines.

Are there any changes to the materials offered?

Yes, we standardized our materials selection which - for now - reduced the number of available materials. If demand rises for a material that is not on the list, we will look into expanding this range.

I can’t submit an order with a value under $100. Why?

We request high quality from our Manufacturing Partners which comes at a minimum startup cost. To maintain quality standards for your parts, a minimum order value of $100 is required.

How can I contact the supplier I worked with before?

With the switch to Fulfilled by Protolabs Network, all orders are carried out by Protolabs Network and produced by our Manufacturing Partners. This means that Protolabs Network is responsible for all communications about your manufacturing project. Each order has a dedicated Protolabs Network Manufacturing Expert assigned to it.  

How can I make changes to my order?

Once an order has been submitted and confirmed, your files are automatically routed to a Manufacturing Partner for production. No more iterations of the files, material or color combinations can be made.

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