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Supply chain resilience report 2020

Download the report to learn why the number of supply chain disruptions is growing - and how to mitigate them

Key findings:

  • 72% of companies have experienced external disruptions to their manufacturing supply chain

  • COVID-19 has been the single biggest disruptive event of the past decade

  • 96% of companies believe measures should be taken to avoid future supply disruptions, but only about half (52%) have done so to date

  • 59% of companies believe that geographically diversifying their manufacturing supply is the best way to prevent future disruptions

Strengthen your organization’s supply chain

It's not a matter of if your organization will experience disruption; it's only a matter of how often and for how long. In the report, discover 3 key approaches to developing supply chain resilience:

1. Create autonomy
2. Develop flexibility
3. Increase visibility

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