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Supply chain resilience report 2023

Industry trends and supply chain strategy for manufacturing

Download the report to learn why the number of supply chain disruptions is growing - and how to mitigate them in the future

Cover image of the Supply Chain Resilience report 2023

Key findings:

  • 43.7% of companies believe increasing local sourcing will help strengthen supply chains in 2023

  • 76.6% of companies experienced externally caused disruptions to their supply chains in 2022

  • Material shortages have been the most disruptive factor of 2022

  • 45.3% of companies had their supply chains impacted by the war in Ukraine

  • 55% of companies showed concern about the effects of rising energy costs on their business

Results from Hubs' 2022 survey on supply chain disruptions

Strengthen your organization’s supply chain

In addition to listing out the top supply chain risks for 2023, our report provides 5 key strategies to mitigate disruptions:

  1. Creating autonomy
  2. Developing flexibility
  3. Geographical diversification
  4. Agile internal processes
  5. Supply chain monitoring

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