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Protolabs Network launches today

Hubs has rebranded as Protolabs Network, strengthening its alignment with Protolabs and establishing a unified customer experience.

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Hubs becomes Protolabs Network

Today, digital manufacturing leader Protolabs launched its rebranded Protolabs Network service that leverages global manufacturing partners for expanded capabilities and pricing options. Formerly known as Hubs, the move signals Protolabs’ commitment to a singular global brand and unified customer experience. The transition comes three years after acquiring the Amsterdam-based manufacturing network, which has seen significant annual growth since the 2021 purchase.

A world-first

“We’re building a business model that the manufacturing industry has never seen before, and customers are really starting to harness the full potential it brings,” explained Rob Bodor, Protolabs’ President and CEO. “In Q3 2023 alone, Protolabs Network increased its year-over-year revenue nearly 87%! It is a true testament not only to our savvy customer base who is extracting that manufacturing value, but our entire Protolabs team of employees who have brought this model to life.”

The business model Bodor is referring to combines Protolabs’ own homegrown factories with a global network of suppliers—Protolabs Network—to provide its customers a resource throughout a product’s entire life cycle.

Expanded capabilities under one brand

Protolabs Network includes more than 250 highly vetted supply partners, which expands the digital manufacturer’s capabilities and pricing options available. Customers can access tighter tolerances, enhanced finishing options, and higher volumes at lower cost, among other benefits. The manufacturing partner network complements the low-volume, on-demand manufacturing services also available from Protolabs.

“This is the future of the industry—manufacturing that is completely tailored to what customers need, when they need it, and at the price point they want,” said Peter Horowitz, managing director for Protolabs Network. “It’s exciting to be on the frontlines witnessing that evolution.”

Protolabs Network is now live. Read more about Protolabs and its network, the world's fastest and most comprehensive digital manufacturing solution. Check our FAQ about the rebrand, and find out what Protolabs Network has to offer.