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Protolabs Network student grant 2017 winners announced

Protolabs Network is today announcing the three awardees of the inaugural Protolabs Network Student Grant.

Written by George Fisher-Wilson

Protolabs Network is today announcing the three awardees of the inaugural Protolabs Network Student Grant. The grant had over 449 applicants, from 300 universities showcasing an array of innovative and unique uses of 3D printing in the fields of engineering, product design and architecture.

The winners for this year were picked based on their project's impact, level of functionality, the project's core concept and how it was creatively brought to life using 3D printing. The winners of each category will receive $500, an honorable mention from Brian Garret (co-founder of Protolabs Network) on LinkedIn and a professional photoshoot of their project.

The most popular category for this year's grant was Product Design with 203 entries, then Engineering with 146 entries and finally architecture with 100 entries. UK based Loughborough University had the most entries with 14, Brunel University came in 2nd with 11 and New York's Pratt Institute in 3rd with 8. The most commonly used 3D Software was Solidworks with 123 applicants using it, Rhino in 2nd with 80 and Autodesk's Inventor in 3rd with 37.

Product Design Winner

Name: Abidur Chowdhury

University: Loughborough University

Field of study: Product Design and Technology

Project Name: Aer

Project Description: Aer is an Asthma management system to facilitate and encourage users to be more compliant with their medication. Facilitate the user through easier and more informed use of their medication, greater convenience through portability, gentle reminders and integrating the system into their lifestyle routine. Abidur explains that the system should encourage use through, education about their condition, connectivity and the desirability of the system. Aer was designed in Solidworks, and 3D printed in PA 2200 (Nylon) using SLS technology. SLS technology was used due to its high accuracy when creating multi-part assemblies and enclosures.

Engineering Winner

Name: Dani Clode

University: Royal College of Art

Field of study: Industrial and product design

Project Name: The Third Thumb

Project Description: The Third Thumb is a 3D printed live-hinge thumb extension for the hand, investigating the relationship thats forms between the body and prosthetic technology. The Third Thumb is a conversation about ability; it is a tool, an experience, and a form of self-expression. This project has three prototypes, one functional model that can be experienced, and two aesthetic explorations. All three utilise a combination of different 3d printed materials, recreating the dynamic movement of the thumb. In particular Ninjaflex was used for the articulating parts of the thumb thanks to its flexible properties with Formlabs Black/Grey resin creating the more intricately detailed parts. This project was designed in Rhino.

Architecture Winner

Names: Deniz Haklar, Jordan Gracia

University: Rice University

Field of Study: Architecture

Project Name: Micro-Housing

Project Description: The project, as a formal investigation, challenges the straight extrusion in order to increase the number of units on the periphery. Cross-plan morphed into x-plan increases the perimeter and allows more units to have views to the city. Braiding of the two volumes, sitting on top of each other, forms outdoor spaces allowing views to the entire city and this weaving, as a result, organizes the secondary circulation system, interconnecting 3 floors and creating a web of shared social spaces. The complex outer facade was modelled in Rhino and then 3D printed in PLA, the most cost effective method of creating such a large structure.

"The reason we launched the Student Grant is to support the next generation of professionals who are pushing the boundaries of 3D printing. Through our celebration of innovative students by giving them the spotlight we hope to inspire others to challenge themselves at what they can achieve with 3D printing." - Filemon Schoffer, CMO Protolabs Network

Applications for the Protolabs Network Student Innovation Grant 2020 are now open to all registered students and recent graduates across the world. Start applying today via our submission form.

The deadline for submissions is on June 28, 2020, 23:59 CET.