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The Protolabs Network Standard

Cosmetic standards

Standard offering

MJF & SLS: Manufacturing partners make sure not to apply any post-processing besides powder removal

FDM: For all FDM materials, all surfaces have a consistent visual appearance, have the support structures removed (where applicable), and will be cleaned of all excess support/build material. To ensure consistency in higher quantities all parts are printed on the same machine if possible. Example: 5 parts printed on a glass bed, 5 parts printed on a textured bed would result in an undesired visual differences

SLA: All support material will be removed and support nibs will be sanded smooth using a medium sandpaper ranging 80 to 120 grit first to get rid of the bumps and then a fine sandpaper, ranging 150 to 220 grit to achieve a smooth continuous surface.

  • Formlabs Clear

    - By default, we make sure that Formlabs Clear prints are treated similarly to the other resins with the addition of an additional post-process

  • Formlabs Flexible

    Support removal from flexible / rubber-like parts can be challenging. We make sure that supports are snapped/clipped off as close as possible to the surface of the model.