Hi there,
we need to recreate the 2 attached shower tapware parts. These parts need to be 25 to 30mm longer.

I need some help to get me a 3D design for these parts so I can get them 3D printed in a water resistant material.

Can anyone help me with this? I attached a couple of pictures to give you an idea. I can send more pictures to those interested.

thank you, Thierry.

Hey Thierry, my company does this exact sort of replacement part service if you’re interested. www.artlab3Dprinting.com With that said, I recommend looking into fusion 360 to possible do the design yourself. Doing it yourself will be the most cost effective solution but will take more time.

Can you have a separate piece designed that would take up that gap. It could be sanded and painted with a chrome color paint. You wouldn’t need any thread on the plastic part.

Hi there,
thanks for your feedback. Incorporating Jeff’s feedback, we could design a simple square piece that would be extending the existing part. I would have to do a junction between the 2 parts. I imagine I could tape the inside where the 2 parts join and seal it so no water is linking inside the mechanism…
I am a little time-poor right now… How much would it cost to design and then print (in a water-resistant material) roughly 50 x 50mm, 30mm deep?

I’ll have another part to make for another tapware (yes, both taps were stuffed up!!), slightly more complicated… but I need to get pictures…

Thanks, Thierry.

if u send a drawing of the piece, with dimensions, as accurate as possible, I could tell u how much would it cost to 3d design it.

This is going to sound realy silly! lol, but can you not cut the pipe off shorter so it fits flush to the wall?

There is the mixer mechanism in it. It’s a good idea but we would get into more trouble!!

Hey Thierry

I want to help you. It will be a challenge.

Can you send me more pictures/drafts to rubencpaulo@gmail.com


Bonjour Thierry,

I can help you with this for a small fee.

J’habite en Angleterre mais je suis français. Je fais du design industriel, mon email c’est seb@designeering.com

Let me know.


I would assume it would take an hour or less of design time. Guessing to print the part, say in a PETG material could be $10 to $15. That being said, I assume by the times that you are responding to these posts, that you are not anywhere near my time zone :slight_smile: . I suggest you find a hub local to you, that can also do the design for you, or do the design yourself as suggested.

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I don’t think you need to replace the part, I think you just need an extended cover plate from the wall to the backside of your current cover plate. I’m guessing the plumber left the pipe too long or you’re missing the piece I’m talking about. I created one based on what I can see from your pics. Hopefully the image will come through.


Or go to tinkercad and type in faucet collet in the search engine and you will find my design.

thank you so much to all of you for your feedback. I should be able to do some measurements with a calliper tomorrow evening Sydney time. Stay tuned!

thank you so much for taking the time. I’ll check back with you once I have the proper size or I may try to use your drawing in Fusion 360… thanks a lot.

Thanks Jeff for your suggestions, much appreciated. PETG is a good suggestion for water resistance!

Thank you, Thierry.