Hi, recently got a finder and as stupid as I am I deleted the defult contents of the USB stick that came along and now i’m having problems with leveling so i need the leveling recovery on the stick. In the levelingmenu I follow the instructions until it starts actually sensing the level of the buildplate. Then it says that I have to tighten the screws even MORE anticlockwise wich is impossible. So I was wondering if someone could help me with either of these problems.

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I’ve had a Finder for over a year and a half and only recently started having leveling issues. I couldn’t find the “Leveling.g” file they talk about in the manual, not even on the USB stick that came with it, unless I accidentally deleted it.


The leveling function of the Finder is a little tricky. When the printer says to “Tighten the screws anti-clockwise,” you should be turning the screws from left to right (as you’re facing the printer). This is indeed “anti-clockwise” (counter-clockwise) when taken from a perspective above the bed, and not below it. That’s why it can get confusing (believe me, I’ve been in the same situation).

There is a video on YouTube which shows the basic process:

Notice that when he loosens the screws, he turns them from right to left. This loosens the bed, bringing it closer to the extruder until the ideal space is achieved.

Hopefully this helps.

BTW, in my situation, even after doing the leveling procedure several times, the bed still wasn’t level. So I did some raking through the forums and what not on the net, and eventually found a recommendation for this “leveling” file on Thingiverse that worked like a charm:

This file prints a grid of squares, allowing you to make fine adjustments while the printer is in motion. Keep in mind that the screws are very, very sensitive, so turn them very minimally, keep watch on the filament consistency and you’ll notice results right away.

Note: You may want to adjust the Z thickness of the squares to about .2mm before printing them. When I tried printing the file as-is, it wouldn’t print anything as it was too thin.

It took me several attempts to level the bed this way, but in the end it really made a difference, and I haven’t had to level it since.

In the future, if I have to go through this process again, I would first adjust the left screw, then the right, then the rear center screw last. I think it took me several attempts initially because I was trying to adjust them all at once.

Hope this helped. Good luck!