Recently, I purchased a used Zprinter 450 to start a 3D business. I ordered powder, binder and cleaner from Noble 3D Printers to give them a try and have had a terrible time getting my supplies and/or money back. They do not respond to emails anymore, yet they continue to advertise their materials with 30%-50% off offerings for the holidays. Anyone else have any experience with Noble 3D Printers, LLC?

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if it where me i would simply file a dispute with the bank stating that they have not send you what you ordered or what they send does not work

that only works if you have paid by card.

that at least should get them to pull the finger out from whereever its stuck. if they do not reply the bank or you it just proves they are worth S"#"!%&/ and the bank will prop. get you the money.

I filed a complaint with the BBB of Nevada. Today, despite two emails asking for a cancellation of the order and a refund, I got a email that states that “My order is complete.” lol…nothing about shipping, etc. I have thought about filing a dispute with my bank about this as you state. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had such a bad experience with Noble 3D Printers.

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Noble 3D Printers is awesome company and their products are second to none, believe me, I know. What’s even more amazing, is this company hand makes every product! I believe the reason they are so hard to get a hold of, is because of the amount of orders they get and the fact that the company is owned and operated by one man working out of his garage! It’s absolutely amazing and so are his products. Well worth the wait, but expect 4-6 weeks on average to get your products. You won’t regret it!

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Thank you for your response. If he is that busy, he needs to hire a hand because his service sucks. No good communications and slow (snail slow) service. You can have the best products out there but if your service sucks, like this guys does…I don’t see going back to him. I have a very small business and unreliable time frames can play havoc with my finances, too. I still appreciate your input here, though.

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Yes I have also had issues with this company. I own a 3D portrait studio in Florida called Cool Dims…we use the projet 660. We were using their binder, powder, and cleaning solution. I threw away a ton of models because of weak parts, color accuracy issues, and a white residue that couldn’t be sanded off. I then received an email from the owner Edward Aylward explaining that the reasons I was having the issue is because of a raw material problem with their consumables. He said he was going to reanalyze the formula and replace the products. That was back in August and still today no replacement products or a refund which i have requested several times. These guys caused me months of frustration and thousands of dollars. To top it off after I recently wrote a bad review about them on google Edward contacted me and started threatening me telling me he has been in prison and he was going to start up websites called He is now on my facebook page writing bad reviews and posting negative comments Total Lunatic.

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Cool set-up there in Tampa. Your 3D studio…did you build yourself or purchased it? I was looking into building one myself but did not have the expertise to build one…so that all the cameras would go off at the same time. Anyways, I finally got the products from Noble Printers. I missed the window of opportunity for Christmas sales and so everything is just put on hold. Could I ask who you decided to go with in products, binder and other supplies?

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Thanks for the nice comments on my studio. I only use the manufactures products now…3DS. They are expensive but I don’t have to deal with the issues that comes with aftermarket binder and powder. Nobles binder and powder is garbage. There is no comparison between them and 3DS. You may not see any issues at first but sooner or later you will. I developed the camara rig myself. Getting the cameras to all go off at once is easy…can be done with wireless triggers or I know a guy that can build you a trigger system…its about $4K for 92 cameras. If you want to build you own photogrammetry scanning system I do offer consultation services. There is alot to know if you want good results. Took me about 3 years to figure it out…lol

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At least tell the truth Chris!

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This company has been around for years guy, you must not know how to use your printer.


We have never had a problem, with the service or the products. We use them in all 7 of our 660’s

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Yeah thats the problem I don’t know how to use the printer. Any other great advice Chuck…lol

And what company do you work for Chuck…that uses 7 660’s?

Chuck, his experience closely aligns with my own. I have not experienced the “awesomeness” of Noble 3D Printers as you have so I am more inclined to believe him (Chris). As for the product itself, I will be the judge of that but even if it were awesome, it doesn’t change the FACT of how terrible Noble 3D Printers customer service was and apparently I am not the first as there are similar complaints on the BBB. It is very doubtful that I will repeat as a customer.

Chuck Hull was the father of 3D printing and is worth $20 million according to google. He is with 3D Systems. It would seem to me that Chuck Hull would use his own products produced by 3D Systems for their own 3D printers that they produce, unless he is using the name as a pseudonym. So what’s the story here, Chuck?

Its a little strange that you would make this comment. You don’t know me…have never met me…or have any details about my dealings with Noble…unless they shared them with you. What would make more sense is that Chuck Hull is actually Edward Aylward (pretending to be Chuck) who has to write positive reviews about his own company because nobody else will.


We use Noble 3D products in-house and are very pleased with them. We understand that they have recently came out with new formulas, maybe that was the problem? Or could it be that you mixed their materials with another manufactures materials? Your right about them being hard to get a hold of at times via telephone, no problem with email though. We highly recommend their products.


Never opened the case of powder they sent nor any of their other products. We shut down before we got started because I missed a lease on a building… I couldn’t sign without product. Noble took so long with no communication to get me my order. by the time I finally received it, we were 3 weeks before Christmas and no place to set up shop. The place I had an eye on was leased 2 weeks before I received my products from Noble. The owner was unwilling to hold it for me though he was excited about the prospect of having a 3D business there. No other place was avail and/or too expensive so we never opened. I am selling my 3D Printer and the product to boot. I tried cancelling my order twice with NO response from Noble after I lost my place to do my studio. The shipment just showed up one day. I couldn’t recommend Noble because of these reasons. The product might be just fine but I only know what my experience was and it was NOT good.

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My experience with Noble 3D Printers has always been terrific. I’m really surprised to see anything negative about the company. I’ve been using their products for years, but never had any problems worth mentioning. I know that they are the only company other than 3D Systems that makes powder and binder for the Zprinters and Projets that actually works. I have tried Canada Powder, ZD-16 and Inocat, but they take all day to cure, which kind of defeats the purpose of rapid prototyping. Well you know the old saying, “If you do not have something positive to say about someone, you should not say anything at all. It just makes you look bad” Just saying.