The Z Printer 850 I use at work has recently started giving me an error saying ‘sequencer timeout’ so I cleaned the Fast axis and still gave me the same error. I then tried turning the printer off then on however the printer would not turn back on but I can hear the fan start when it is switched on and stop when switched off. The LCD panel doesn’t light up and there is no sign of life in the printer other than the fan.

I was wondering if someone could help me with this?

Thank you

Drop me an email i can help you.


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try to clean everything in the machine
if the screen doesnt turn on , than the memory card in the machine computer need to be changed

For the lcd does it stay black?
If so you’ll need to go into plug a vga monitor and keyboard to change
a few settings in the bios to boot it back up.
You’ll have to change the battery on the mother board.