I have a Z450 on which I need to perform the Head Alignment in order to continue to print, unfortunately on the 88% of the process when it is scanning the color dots the program in the computer crashes and the process in the printer stops as well.

I’m using windows 7 professional and Z Print 7.15.1 (installed from manufacture’s disc)

I tried the following:

-Clean sensor
-Use three different computers
-Install Z Print 7.10 (the only version I found at internet)
-Run as administrator.
-Run windows as save mode.
-Install all Windows Updates.
-Reinstall Z Print 7.15.1 (several times in the three computers)
-Clean service station.
-Open Poco card compartment and remove dust.
-Looked for Z Print 7.15.5 but just found not trusted options for download it.

Best Regards and thanks in advance for all your help!!!

I admit I’m not personally familiar with these machines, have you tried (or are you able to) reinstall the firmware somehow?

HI, could the problem be solved?
I also have this problem

Greeting Jenszzt