I’m pretty new to 3D Printers and want to get my first one soon.

The idea is to get a Zortrax M200 or Mankati Fullscale XT Plus, maybe you can help me to decide which one i should get. I like the simple use of the Zortrax, for ABS and beginners like me it’s easy to get decent print results even I’m not a pro like you guys. On the other side the Mankati have a huge room for Prints and two extruders. I’m worried if i buy the Mankati do i get trouble to print with ABS? A friend told me bigger prints with ABS shouldn’t work well. I wan’t to print cosplay parts, figures, stuff for my home and daily use, for RC.

Interesting, I had never heard of Mankati until today. It appears to be quite similar to the Zortrax M200 except the dual extruders and better material capabilities out of the box.

I love my Zortrax M200 and have been using it for over a year now with great results. My biggest issue with the Zortrax M200 is the inability to print PLA reliably without aftermarket parts. While many people think ABS is a good go-to material it is important to realize that new varieties of PLA are being made each month that offer better results than ABS and have less health risks. If I were going for reliability, I would say choose the Zortrax M200 and invest in some upgrades. If you think you’ve done enough research on the Mankati and trust its specifications then it looks like it should be more adaptable for more material options than the Zortrax M200.

I would go for the Zortrax M200. It is more a system than a printer. It includes software, material and printer. Specifically the way it handles support is very nice! If you print with ABS get the side covers as well, especially if you plan to print bigger parts. The only downside is that it always uses a raft and sometimes you get brown spots on your object. Nozzle cleaning is key here. And once it prints it prints, nothing you can change!

Kind regards, Guy

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The mankati will not print as well as a zortrax and will likely take more upgrades and tuning. It’s basically a giant flash forge/qidi/makerbot. If you are looking for something more open source and flexible and don’t mind tinkering and troubleshooting go with the mankati. If you are looking for ease of use and reliability go with the zortrax. Really the same goes for dual extruders. Printing with the dual head isn’t as easy or intuitive as it may seem. Just because a machine comes with dual extruders does not mean it can or can efficiently print with both. For that you’d be better off with the bcn3d sigma. If your looking for a lot of PLA printing a cheaper flash forge or qidi or monoprice unit might work. They will handle abs and PLA and you could get two for the price of a mankati/zortrax. If you are looking to only print PLA, grab a prusa steel and convert it to a toolson edition. Then you could get 3-5 for the cost of a zortrax and get similar results. We looked at ultimaker, mankati, bcn3d sigma, zortrax and ultimately bought a fusion3 f400 to add to a farm of p3steels, flash forge, Delta’s and home brew printers.

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I owned, sold, repaired and used both.

These machines are quite different. The Mankati is bigger, dual head, bowden extruder. The Mankati is less reliable, harder to operate and has a lower print quality. Good for easy materials like PLA and PET. The Mankati has more freedom but more trouble.

The Zortrax is average sized, single head, direct drive extruder, high quality prints and very easy to use. Good for ABS, PCABS, HIPS and PET(G).

Hi, you really should consider a Raise3D N1 or N2.

I am a reseller of both Zortrax and Raise3D printers.

The Zortrax M200 was my work horse for the last 2 years but since I received my Raise3D N1 it has replaced my M200 as my go to printer. The Raise N-Series printers are vastly superior to the Zortrax printers. Raise3D has either net, wi-fi that works, USB ports (4 of them), USB stick, SD card slot and is camera ready. You can use any brand of filaments so you are not limited to just Zortrax filaments. The machine is completely enclosed and has a 7 inch color touch screen that is used as your control center or you can use your computer. The machine is built like a tank, is easy to modify and repair and has a heated bed. There is also a dual extruder option. Did I mention that the N1 has a larger bed, 8 x 8 x 8 inches and is cheaper than a M200 with its optional Zortrax side panels. I have been printing with the Raise3D for several months and I am blown away by the quality of the prints and how easy the supports are removed also the raft if you use one as you have a choice unlike the Zortrax.

The ideaMaker software rivals or in my option is even better than Simplify 3D software. You have complete control of the printer including on the fly tuning.

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I would go for the Zortrax, IF you are interested in very good print quality, easy to remove support, simple software and a reliable printer.

To be honest, I do not know the Mankati by my own …

Just saw this post and would like to add my comment, even though it might be a bit late.

I have used two Mankati for about two years now. They both are printing more or less continuously.

I have not used nor owned a Zortrax printer. My biggest issue with the Zortrax is the fact that it is supposedly a closed system, meaning you are required to used propriety materials which seriously limits you in your choice of material.

The Mankati does need some TLC from time to time. Most issues I have had a probably directly attributable to the fact that I am constantly switching materials between like PLA, PETG, XT, ABS, NGEN, HT, Bronzefill, Carbon-materials, Flexible materials and whatever I want to try next. This sometimes leads to issues because of residue filament left in the bowden tubes and/or nozzles and can be difficult to remove. The Mankati can also use some upgrades like a better cooling flow.

I have seen the quality of Zortrax prints several times but the Mankati can reach the same quality with ease.

The main issue is EXPERIMENT. Since the Mankati allows you to choose any material, you have to take your time to find the right filament and settings for your printer. There can be a huge difference in quality between prints using two different brands of filament…

It takes quite a bit of learning to use the printers well, but after that I am happy with the Mankati and love the big build space.