I printed many object on my zortrax m200 without any problem. But now I have this issue with this big print, but after 4 hours of 24, the print failed. I printed, the first time with zultrat 0.9 layer thickness, and fan speed to 0 (like zortrax said with large prints), top layers 9, bottom layer 4, infill 10%.

After I change the setting 0.9 layer thickness, fan speed auto, top layer 9, bottom layer 6, infill 10%, the result is better, but hasn’t changed.

I tried to set fan speed to 80 with the other setting without any change, but the problems still remain. When print the infill in some areas doesn’t print the material as it should. And I don’t know why, because every prints that I made both small and big, doesn’t present any problem. Help!