Are there hubs , who can share the experirnce of multicolor printing with the Zmorph 2.0 SX?

Also with the multitools?


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Makeden Hub in Essex UK has Zmorph 2.0SX and can print using the multcolour head, and any other heads on Zmorph.

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We have the Zmorph 2.0SX in our hub and very very happy with that machine. It worth any euro expended on it. Very reliable and great cuality, many many features and tools as known.

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Thank you guys, for sharing your experience

The dual pro is great for Color mixing and gradient. It’s like giving you a third or fourth when you have only 2. This gives me the capability to do more for my clients.

The image map map is still in experimental, but I can see great potential.

Finally, zmorph multi tool opened many doors for us. It gives the ability to create things in many different materials. Most products are assemble with multi materials. Also, the food extruder track a lot of attention when I talk to people but you do need to have knowledge with food material or cooking to create something nice.

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Hi there @Johnsaen!

Our team will be happy to help you with multicolor printing. Visit our knowledge base article or send questions directly to me.

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Community Manager at ZMorph

Hi Bartek, thanks for your reply, the capability of multitooling and multicoloring sounds interesting

Still waying the pro’s en cons of investing is your Mrph. i will follow you closely

this is what i do with an FDM

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