Does anybody here own or have any experience using a Zmorph fabricator? It sounds to me like a great tool, being able to laser cut and milling besides printing, but I can’t find reviews anywhere.


Yes, I own a ZMorph 2.0 S and love it. Have not had a chance to use all the tool heads yet, but have I have them. Laser cutting and etching is on my to-do list of next feature to play around with. ZMorph is very friendly staff to work with and have answered all question I have had from the very beginning. I am in the US and did not find that to be any problem with customer service. I would recommend ZMorph to anybody that wants to have all the added features. Scott


I’m not very happy with our Zmorph.

The entire printer looks ugly.

Haven’t try the ceramic head yet, but chocolate head is a disaster.

Plastic heads don’t work as have to - ugly printings if they succeed to print at all.

Support is awful - we have sent 3 mails with questions about chocolate printing and nothing, no answer.

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Yes, we are the Authorized Reseller for ZMorph personal fabrications in Jordan and we love it.

You can visit our Facebook page Redirecting... to see the amazing prints with ZMorph.

Have you seen the ugly printed wolf that comes with ZMorph?

Maybe we have different understanding of what a good FDM print quality is?

I’ll say my vote is for Zortrax - a Polish printer also, but much, much,much better.


Yes ,actually we are also authorized re seller of Zmorph in Greece , yes is a very good machine and with open software , voxelizer give you the freedom to experiment with a lot of different materials, the good for me is that is a workhorse we use it everyday with no problems and is very easy to service it cause of the open design of it

you can check as here for samples and videos Idea 3D

p.s we have here almost all the heads and the big table (you will find it useful specially when you using the laser or the dremel head

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I’d love to see a nice ZMorph Marvin :slight_smile: Will you share one with us?

actually we have also a zortax that has very good results …but is closed and works well only their filaments , about the wolf is like these to show the voxels concept voxelizer use a different approach of slicing he is making voxels , I will print the Marvin in zmorph and show you the result :wink:

i will :slight_smile:

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Woop, woop! Looking forward to it :slight_smile: Cheers

Here is the Marvin that I printed on ZMorph printer. Tell me what’s wrong with this printer again?

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We are sales and support Zmorph for Zmorph in the UK, and FabLab Essex have several ( so you can try before you buy if you are a Fablab member) . As with all 3D printers you have to get to know them (and their software) to appreciate their advantages and idiosyncrasies. The interchangeable heads are a great advantage when changing materials on a regular basis. The milling and laser capacities are fairly limited - don’t expect them to do the same as dedicated machines. The ‘soft material’ extruders are very material dependent but with the right materials some people have achieved some remarkable results.

Mousetrap Innovation Ltd

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Rate the prints from ZMorph!

1 is bad




10 is awesome

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Don’t tell me you think this is a good printing… :wink:

Compare it to this one:


+1 - The Zortrax has better print quality than any desktop printer I found under $5k that was willing to send samples. Only downside I see to them is build size and proprietary material options (unless you want to void the warranty).

I would never purchase a printer that has proprietary filament only usage. To me that defeats the purpose of trying to be creative and experience all the new filaments that come out. I would by a kit and build my own reprap printer before buying one that limits me. Just my opinion.

I agree to a point, hence the reason I got us a PolyPrinter instead. But…the Zortrax did still have the best results on my test part, even with a single extruder. It looked better than our Dimension machine, which is pretty good for accuracy due to the soluble support it uses.

Thank you very much everybody for taking the time to answer. I sent a quotation request to Zmorph a couple of days ago and got no answer so far, this doesn’t give me a good spine.