Hi everyone! I use Cura and have this zebra stripes on almost vertical semi round surfaces:

I was playing around infill overlap. Decrease % makes print slightly smoother, but there are horizontal stripes between the layers:

I use BCN3D Sigma. Any suggestions?

That looks like it is pixelating the print. What printer are you using? What is the resolution (finest step) your printer hardware can resolve.

I have seen those kinds of ripples when the system is at its step resolution. If say the finest resolution between points the system can resolve is .1 mm then you would get a .1 mm step between a slightly inclined surface. Its what’s called the jaggies in graphics. Usually the step size is quite a bit smaller than that so you never really see it. Do your stepper motor drivers have microstepping turned off? If you can turn it on or increase the resolution from say 2 to 16 microsteps it might help. You would likely need to reflash the printer control board to do that. The only other thing would be a change in the gearing for the drive system. Use a smaller sprocket or finer pitch screw. Some of the slicer programs have a resolution setting I do not think cura does but slic3r did. If you set it too large you can get those kinds of things.


Yes. “pixelating the print” is exactly what I have! This is BCN3D Sigma, I have no idea what microstepping is :frowning: I see in gcode ‘M84 ;steppers off’ line. Do I have to change it? I print with .1mm layer height, I tried .05mm and had slightly smoother result, but that was not enough to keep printing time doubled. BTW thank you sooo much for your help!

I would suggest you read through this thread. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/16357-why-does-my-print-have-tiny-zebra-stripes

Many 3d printers suffer this same problem (uncluding the UM2+).