I have recently obtained a z402 3d printer, it had a decent bit of hardware issues that were able to be fixed.

Now I am having trouble connecting the printer to a computer. I am using windows 10 and have bought a serial cable, which is the only port for the printer. My computer does have a serial port, however windows 10 is not recognizing it when it is plugged in. I am not sure if i have to install any drivers for it, and if i do I’m not sure where i would be able to find it.

Also, something that may be an issue as well is that the software for the z402 has been discontinued by [3dSystems]. For the software they do supply, within the program, multiple printers are listed to choose from, but the z402 is not. So it may not even be looking for the correct printer.

Thank you for and help!

I think the cable has to be null type if I remember correctly. When you power up the machine you would need the IP address to connect to it, it flashes on the screen fast. Go into IPv4 properties and set the IP address there and you should be communicating. The choosing machine doesn’t matter much just choose close to it.

I just purchased a null type serial cable and the computer recognizes it, but we don’t have any of the drivers for it. I will keep looking but so far am unable to find one for it.

The machine doesn’t seem to show an IP address on startup however. It shouldn’t have any connection to the internet, as it doesn’t have a Ethernet port and my experience with IP addresses is limited, so I’m not sure if there is something I am missing.

Message 3D systems. They should have an older version of the software that will support the 402. They were very helpful when I had issues with my 450 even though I didn’t have a service contract.

Thank you, I will try to send them a message.