anyone replace their septum ( the printhead receiving end that the needle goes into? Mine leaks a little and my local rep wants like 40 dollars a piece for them.

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mine got a similar problem, you manage to replace it?

Did you issue prevent binder flow? I habe a 310 and Im noticing it leaking without a cartridge on it. I can get binder through the printhead and cant figure out the issue

Mine had good flow, when you took the cartridge out it would pool at the top of the septum and leak all over. if yours is leaking make sure the plastic elbow is on tight if you dont see it leakin out the top

Mine is bubbling/pooling on the top of the septum. I’m assuming the elbow is well connected, although the valve with the septum isn’t ‘tight’ to the printhead carriage (it wiggles a bit). I know binder is hitting the septum, but it doesn’t seem to be flowing into the print cartridge. I’m not getting a full purge and it will transition from ink to nothing on a stripe test before sending a 1006 error (overheat). It seems like the binder just isn’t flowing through the printhead which makes me think it’s a septum issue. Any insight is greatly appreciated!