We have a Zcorp Z650 3D Printer in PRISTINE CONDITION for sale - photos here. We have partnered with a 3D Print provider to produce and ship our products so we no longer need our wonderful in-house printer. We’re selling it very cheap so we don’t have to move it to our new offices and are not looking to make a profit only to get it into the right hands with somebody who’ll take good care of it. If you have any interested or know anybody who might be please let us know!

I would welcome you to come by and have a look in person or request any additional information including sending something to be printed for quality assurance. I previously worked for 3DSystems as a design engineer helping to create and test all of there 3D printers during and after there Zcorp acquisition and can guarantee this machine is in fantastic shape!


Year: 2013 (purchased used 2015)
Make: Zcorp
Model: Z650

Depowder station: Included
Title: Yes
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Yes
Laptop: Included (required for starting builds)
Spare Parts: Yes
Print Logs: Yes
Our Run-time: 286hrs total
Price: $26,000 OBO

  • This printer is very well maintained by me (Chris) personally after each print run and during monthly maintenance. I also keep a detailed log of maintenance history. Print logs and maintenance history available upon request.
    • Includes every print run we have run including run-time
  • * This is the same model that had the paneling changed to grey and rebranded as “Projet660” when 3DSystem acquired Zcorp.

ZPRINTER SET UP / TRAINING (local purchaser)

  • I am happy to spend a day to teach ins and outs
  • I will provide documented processes for cleaning and maintaining the printer (per run / monthly)
  • I am available for questions as needed in general
  • I will provide set-up support(on-site if local)


When ready to move forward I am happy to help arrange the pickup/delivery.

We would want to purchase one. Can you send across more details and where are you located.

We’re located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please send over your email address and we can discuss details. Thanks!


Please let me know if your printer still for sale.?


We own a zcorp 650 and were wondering is you could help us understand why we are getting the error code #40006 when we run the alignment. It indicates that the window needs to be cleaned. We have thoroughly cleaned it several times in every different way w could think of and it still gives us this reading. The window is crystal clear. Is it due to any other issue that it gives this error code. Had read your post as being well versed in the industry. We would appreciate any help you could give us. Thanks.