Hi all. I have a Zcorp 510 and I am having color issues. The blacks are coming out greenish and I am not getting much help from the material supplier. They are 3rd party material. They keep saying to use the 150 profile but the color turns out light and off. Any ideas?

What materials are you using? Do you have any pictures of your prints?

Hi, do you use 3rd part Color or Powder or both?

Checklist for printing problems:

- printheads old or printing stripes? Change printhead

if they get bad very quickly --> clean your Color pipes and colortank

- Print a “Auto Align Pattern” is it fine?

- Use original powder (i only use 3rd part color with original powder, works fine

- let the parts drie before infiltrating

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Thanks all for the suggestions. I am using zd-16 powder and binder. The instructions were to use 151 powder profile but the colors are so undersaturated. Using 131 is much closer but the blacks have a green tinge to them. Other colors are pretty good. All new heads and on the stripe test they are not stripey. I have done alignments and they seem just fine.

We’re using the zd-16 clear binder with the color binder from https://www.noble3dprinters.com/.

It is much richer. Black looks black.

sir can we useZ450 model 3D printer part for printing metal part like Titanium?

Hi, was the problem with the green solved?
I have the same problem now. I always have white pimples on the models.
These are always very expensive to remove.
does anyone have a tip for me?
Greetings, Jens